White / Private-Labeling Sounds Expensive . . .

Consider the cost and value of your time, loss of business opportunity, the stress of not being able to accomplish all your tasks – you will quickly determine that a concierge is a surprisingly affordable option. The value of employee, resident and customer engagement is multiples beyond the cost of securing a private label concierge. The intrinsic value of offering the services as an extension of your organization with complete custom branding is often an immeasurable.

How Many Members Can Enroll?

We have the capacity to efficiently service an unlimited number of members. In addition to our proprietary member management system and our unique combination of industry leading partners; we proudly utilize the core infrastructure of a 20 year-old, multi-national firm that services a number of Fortune 500 companies with hundreds of thousands of employes. We have a recommended minimum membership enrollment of 100 to provide a cost efficient white-label option.  Call us to discuss custom pricing for your membership needs from 50 to over 5,000.

Who Are The Professionals?

We are proud to posses a proprietary list of vetted service professionals. Our vendors have committed to superior service and/or member discounts. Occasionally we may use the same public sources of information that are widely available to our members. The difference is simple; we perform the due-diligence allowing our members to recapture life’s most precious commodity – time.

Are There Service Level Options?

The mainstay of what we provide is complete customization.  We seek to serve as a genuine extension of your brand.  We take the time required to understand your business and just how we can add an amenity to enhance your brand through a dynamic engagement platform.  Occasionally we provide smaller organizations an option to share the use of an existing partners infrastructure; please call to discuss your needs and available options.

Is The Program Limited?

Our program is designed to allow every user complete freedom in choosing what the concierges can help them with. Members enjoy the ability to offload a variety of personal and professional tasks with a simple phone call. We provide our members the peace of mind in knowing that their tasks will be handled with care and attention. As long as it’s legal, the concierge will make a concerted effort to compete the task to the members complete satisfaction.

How Does The Concierge Differ?

Our solutions are very different from other benefits as we specialize in total “well being” as opposed to the common wellness approach. We also strive for maximum engagement. Whether we are driving increased productivity, improved sales conversion or instilling a luxury amenity – we are dedicated to program success. We provide a low-cost solution with a high impact. It is fully customizable, allowing for high levels of participation and unique engagement with the services. We offer an expanded array of services, so each customer can use the program to their own personal advantage.

Our Company Provides Admin. Assistants . . .

We never intend to replace your Personal Assistant but rather to support and enhance their talents. We often become the PA’s best friend providing additional support to your daily business needs. We are available 24/7 when your assistant may be committed to another task. We assert that your assistant has greater value tending to on-site responsibilities rather than completing tasks they could off-board. Turn to your virtual concierge who is skilled in researching and recommending services, securing preferred accommodations a PA is often challenged to provide.


We encourage you to ask questions and tell us what you desire in a white-label service.  Because everything we do is completely customized to our clients specific requests, we want to ensure your entire experience is nothing less than perfect.