Industry Focus


Residential Solutions

Our services pair perfectly with residential properties to acquire, retain and reward preferred tenants.  By offering a private-label concierge service and enhancing your tenants’ experience, you capitalize on the powerful connection between loyal tenants and long-term leases.

Almost every property management company can provide a clean building and nice atmosphere.  But, to successfully compete in today’s prime real estate market and build value across your entire portfolio, you need to be creative, provide something extra and engaging.  We provide one of the most innovative and relevant services available.  Allow us to help you engage your residents, centralize services and extend your brand.

For residential property managers, building owner-operators and community associations; we promote an up-scale living environment while demonstrating your commitment to your residents.

Corporate Solutions

Virtual Concierge Solutions delivers a dynamic service to improve employee productivity and satisfaction, attract, retain and reward a talented workforce and encourage a healthy work-life balance for employees.

In today’s workplace, there is increased competition among businesses for quality employees.  With an improving economic climate, in conjunction with ever-increasing demands; attracting and retaining a talented workforce is even more difficult. Our private-label concierge solution was developed in response to these demands.

For our corporate clients, the primary goals of our concierge program are to increase productivity while contributing to the well-being of their employees, both in their personal and professional lives.