Negative reviews hurt. But for every customer who bothers to complain in person, 26 other customers remain silent and never come back. Even worse, they post negative reviews online, leaving you with less business and little recourse. That hurts even more.

Traditional customer feedback programs rely on paper or online surveys, that are often processed and aggregated weeks later, after being filled out by particularly willing customers. When the results finally make it up the chain, the customer is already upset and has moved on, and the results are given to people who are not in a position to address the situation anyway.

Empower your customers so that they can help you help them, and get back in the driver’s seat.

There’s no way around it – some of your customers will have poor experiences. As more time passes since the experience, opinions lose focus and value. In fact, according to Service America, of the customers who register a complaint, between 54 and 70% will buy again if their complaint is resolved. That figure goes up to a staggering 95% if the customer feels the complaint was resolved quickly. So when the moment is lost, that game-changing piece of feedback is gone forever. And in the modern era of social media, most, if not all, of your customers will at some point be on their phone during their experience with you. Feedback allows you to harness this fact by providing you with communication tools that allow you to initiate real-time conversations via chat, text, email, or voice, so you can get to the bottom of their dissatisfaction within minutes, instead of days/weeks/never. Let us help you capture their feedback so you can take action, now.

Feedback provides a simple, non-confrontational way to solicit concerns and compliments from your customers before they leave with a bad taste in their mouth. They give you Feedback. You respond and address the issue. Everyone is happy.