CORPORATE Concierge Solutions

Primary Clients:

Organizations of 100 to 50,000+ employees
Companies with Mobility Departments
Companies with Time-Based Billing
Companies with a Traveling Sales Force
Companies with a Progressive Workforce

Locations Served:

Continental United States. Select regions of The United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Mexico.


e are continually evolving in our mission to support organizations in the shift from Survive to Thrive.

Surveying hundreds of HR executives we fully understand the importance placed on human capital and transformation strategies to move organizations forward.   Our research proved that organizations best prepared for a crisis like COVID-19, were forward-thinking operations that adopted new employee support services and client experience drivers.

A virtual concierge assistant service can play a fundamental role in the overall employee experience.  Reduced absenteeism, increased job satisfaction, improved corporate culture, and more are all effects of a happier workforce.  We would propose that no corporate research white-paper is required to reveal that a happier, more engaged workforce is generally more profitable.

It’s clear the effects of stress are monumental and essentially incalculable.  Consider your concierge service a stress management tool.  A tool that can aide in reducing stress associated healthcare expenses by providing strategic resources.  It’s estimated by Gallup that the national costs of disengaged employees exceeds $500 billion dollars annually.  Call us today and get your employees engaged with a phenomenal luxury lifestyle solution.