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ENHANCED • Culture • Well-Being • Engagement • Work-Life Balance • Profitability • LIFESTYLE.

There has never been a better, nor more crucial time to provide a customized total brand experience enhancement program than now.

Our solution is guaranteed to drive improved employee, customer and client engagement while delivering a world-class experience unlike any other.  Imagine all the benefits of having a 24/7, international virtual personal assistant in the palm of your hand.  Whenever you need vetted recommendations, quality research, preferred reservations, expert task management, or more – just press the button and speak with a live, U.S.-based professional agent and get back to focusing on higher value tasks or just enjoying more of life.

Featuring one of the nation’s largest and most advanced virtual concierge assistant infrastructures, we provide an award-winning mobile application technology paired with uncompromising human service to improve the quality of life for your employees, residents, clients, and customers.  As a seamless, white-labeled extension of your brand, we expertly improve your organizations’ culture, productivity, performance and brand reputation.

Good for People
Good for Business.

Peace of Mind, Delivered

Everything you could ever need, in the palm of your hand.  The dynamic mobile app that connects you to unlimited support.  Roadside emergencies or a recreational request; help is at your fingertips.  Drive productivity and live a more enjoyable life.

Integration, Done

Stay connected and safe. Communicate and collaborate. One solution gives you hundreds of information sources empowering you to be a whole lot happier. Practice self-care and put your concierge to work.

Access, Granted

Utilizing our vast database of places and professionals we have recommended in the past, reviewing satisfaction surveys, and partnering with concierges in our network – we consistently deliver best-in-class recommendations.

Why you should choose Virtual Concierge Solutions.
We deliver a curated selection of services designed specifically to improve the users’ lifestyle with a comprehensive approach to quality of care.

Proudly building upon a strategic infrastructure possessing greater than fifteen-years of experience managing solutions for several multi-billion dollar companies; Virtual Concierge Solutions is perfectly positioned to elevate your quality of life and provide a truly outstanding brand experience.

  • Comprehensive Client Commitment
  • Exceptional Engagement, Well-Being & Work-Life Balance
  • Outstanding Brand Experiences

Today’s changing lifestyles are prompting people to seek new ways of improving their quality of life.  We seek to play an active role in the lives of our clients with a simple singular access point to a dynamic life services tool, enabling them to live a more enjoyable life.  Forward thinking companies are recognizing the value of brand experiences and how ultimately it affects the bottomline. In searching for meaningful initiatives to implement, virtual personal concierge services are proving to be one of the most valued benefits in multiple surveys.  It’s now universally recognized that employee well-being is equally important to employee wellness.  It’s further understood that clients and customers value their experience with your brand as much as they do the tangible products and services they receive.  There has never been a better time to provide a private-labeled virtual concierge service.

Our exclusive service will garner the attention of your ideal employee, client, or customer.  Our award-winning mobile app technology will keep them connected to your brand with a personal experience like no other. How can we distinguish your company as a best-in-class organization?  Simply call Virtual Concierge Solutions and Consider It Done.

  • Increased engagement and focus on work activities
  • 24/7 safety and security amenity
  • Elevated job satisfaction and loyalty
  • Active two-way communication mobile-app with geolocation

We have a passion for developing beneficial partnerships.  Our white-labeled platform acts as a seamless extension of your company’s brand, becoming your company’s dedicated personal assistant program.  With every interaction we answer the call in your company’s name and end it with your selected slogan.  This keeps your brand at the forefront of the callers’ mind.  It’s our vision and mission to become an imbedded, core service in every company that professes to care about their employees’ engagement, well-being, and work-life balance.  We customize scalable programs for companies who understand their client and customer experience is often a journey far beyond the sales transaction.

We are the perfect addition to your employee benefit program and client loyalty program.  Take it from some of the worlds’s best brands – we are redefining recruitment, retention and reward incentive programs.

  • Improved brand experience through an active service
  • Brand marketing that works 24 / 7 / 365
  • Enhanced corporate culture – demonstrates continuous care

We have the people, process, infrastructure and strategy to successfully operate a first-class benefit program.  We know how to promote efficiency and improve overall performance when it comes to employee engagement. Clients and customers become raving fans and report increased brand satisfaction when they have a virtual concierge on-call. By providing a compelling and distinguished benefit, we are actively changing the way business is done, goals are achieved, and lifestyles are improved. Everything we do is centered on creating a success story. We offer multiple levels of client care designed to meet the needs of a casual user to the most demanding executive seeking a dedicated support professional.  Let us help you focus on higher value activities or simply find the needed time to relax and recharge – we’ll make it easier to enjoy life more fully.

When you realize that time is the most precious commodity we all posses and fully understand that no amount of money is more valuable than the minutes and hours in our day; you will recognize how our solutions allow you to live a better life.

  • Concierge Services: On-call 24 / 7 / 365 for vetted recommendations, general research, preferred reservations
  • General Assistants: Task Management, Team Support, Shared Resources
  • Executive Assistants: Project management, Complete Executive Support, Call Management, Issue Resolution


Daily Answered Calls
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Safe | Reliable | Flexible

We are dedicated to making everyday a better day for the people and brands we serve.  Relying upon a proven system designed to serve complex industries, we are redefining how technology integrates with personal human service to deliver a luxury service at an amazingly affordable price point.  We have the experience to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.