HEALTHCARE Concierge Solutions

Primary Clients:

Regional Hospitals
Private & Public Hospital Centers
Independant Medical Facilities
Specialized Care Centers
Concierge Medical Practices

Locations Served:

Continental United States. Select regions of The United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Mexico.


e are continually evolving in our mission to support organizations in the shift from Survive to Thrive.

We have the experience, tools, and technology needed to deliver a world-class service to your world-class medical organization.  As your mission is patient wellness, we are experts in the well-being sector.  Of all the professions that deserve a high-level of luxury care, we believe those in the business of saving lives are top of the list.

From the front-line medical care provider to the administrators charting the course – we are here to make lives a little less stressful and much more enjoyable.  Our concierge assistants know how to positively affect lives, lift morale, and increase efficiency with outstanding service delivery and an intuitive service process.  As we have assisted with hundreds of thousands of requests – we know the steps to complete client care.  Keeping the entire organization connected while providing a single centralized touchpoint for information and lifestyle enrichment services – we are the “One Call Does It All” company.

Let our experts develop a plan to increase your Hospital Consumer Assessment of Heathcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) Score.  Provide discharged patients a period of access to a specialized client care program and watch your hospital survey scores increase.  Our application and service will help with care provider communication, responsiveness of hospital staff,  discharge information, and overall hospital ratings.  Don’t just protect your reputation, improve it with a system that works proactively beyond the discharge.