Real-Time FEEDBACK for
Stadiums & Arenas
The absolute best service available anywhere at any investment to enhance guest engagement, improve security and deliver a COVID-19 health assessment.

Your Guests Would Like to Tell You Something. . .ARE YOU READY TO LISTEN?

Managing a large crowd at any venue takes a lot of experience, coordination, knowledgeable staff and most importantly, great communication.  We can make your venue an industry example of how to elevate and master client, customer and fan engagement. Simultaneously we empower your security staff by turning your venue’s guests into your eyes and ears.

Happy guests spend more and come back more often (while retaining and upgrading their season tickets).  However, there’s no way around it – some of your guests will have a less than ideal experience.  As more time passes since the experience, opinions lose focus and value.  In fact according to ServiceAmerica, of the fans who register a complaint, between 54 and 70% will return to your venue again if their compliant is resolved.  That figure goes up to a staggering 95% if the person feels the complaint was addressed and resolved quickly.

In the social media era, most, if not all of your guests will at some point be on their phone during their experience with you.  Feedback lets you capitalize on this by providing you with a communication tool that allows you to initiate real-time conversations via chat, text, email or voice.  Now you can get to the bottom of the issue at hand and elevate engagement and a resolution instantly.  Let us help you capture quality feedback so you can take action now.

Feedback can serve as an outstanding communication tool for alerting your staff about belligerent guests, poor food quality, dirty facilities and even extreme security issues.  Live feedback can be routed to a central dispatch team that can coordinate the distribution of information to the appropriate “ground force”.

How are you dealing with COVD-19?  Stadiums and arenas have been successfully using Feedback in conjunction with our extremely affordable and easy to use, stand-alone fan health assessment service.  Again, take note that we are the selected service at the world’s best venues.

Case Study Video

We are proud to serve The American Airlines Center, home of The Dallas Mavericks and The Dallas Stars with our Feedback fan engagement and FanCheckIn COVID -19 health assessment service.  View this short video to see the impact we are making.